Why Cyprus?

Cyprus the divided island looks back on a turbulent past. Released into independence in 1960, the third-largest Mediterranean island not only developed into a holiday destination, but after extensive tax reforms it is now also attracting entrepreneurs and companies. In 2013, investors were expropriated using the lawnmower method. Capital in excess of €100,000 was largely expropriated and was incorporated into the rescue package. The Republic of Cyprus is now, 8 years later, better than ever in history. As a link between Europe, Asia and Africa, the government has understood how to position itself in an interesting way from a fiscal point of view. On the one hand, the advantages of EU membership and on the other hand, the open doors to international financial markets are probably unique.


The Greek south of the island

With 340 days of sunshine a year, Cyprus is the number one sunniest country in Europe. This is also reflected in agriculture. With partly two harvests per year, fruit and vegetables are produced in large quantities and cheaply fed into the retail trade. Perhaps this is the reason why Cyprus has one of the best cuisines. Nature lovers and beach lovers will probably have noticed that Cyprus receives about 50 Blue Flags a year through sustainability and good care. As a non-dome, there are many wonderful beaches available.


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