Why is the Non Dom status interesting?

Would you like to be taxed optimally and in the best possible manner in accordance with European law in Europe? You are independent of location and want to live on the sunny side? Perhaps Cyprus, as an EU country, is just the thing for you!

After the banking crisis in 2013, the Republic of Cyprus underwent extensive restructuring and introduced non-domic status in 2015.

Here you will find answers to questions about:

Income tax, corporation tax, trade tax, capital gains tax, final withholding tax, tax-free in Cyprus, residence Cyprus, minimum stay, minimum tax rate Europe, double taxation treaties and much more.

Banking secrecy is a striking argument for non-dom-status in Cyprus. This is in the Republic of Cyprus is actually still a banking secrecy. Discretion is written in capital letters and data protection is subject to very strict laws.

Other convincing arguments for Cyprus:

  • Particularly strict data protection laws
  • small disclosure obligation
  • no breakthrough liability (keyword: private assets)

And this in a republic in which economic growth is developing very positively and the legal situation is stable. The assets of Limited and Holdings in Cyprus are protected by European Union standards.

The liability of a Cyprus Limited is limited to the share capital and is therefore very small.

For company foundations and relocations, we work closely with well-known tax consultants and lawyers and offer the complete package at a fair fixed price.
Whether you are starting a new company or a ready-made company in Cyprus, with us you get what you need quickly and reliably.


Frequently asked questions about starting a company in Cyprus.
Here are some of the questions that clients have asked us time and again. You are also welcome to ask your personal questions.

Is it possible to start a Cyprus company even if you are not resident in Cyprus?

Of course it is. Non-dom-zypern. com provides everything you need to start your own business in Cyprus.

What does low or no liability mean?

They are exempt from personal liability, as the company is liable. The managing director therefore bears no liability whatsoever.

What happens in the event of bankruptcy?

If your Cyprus company goes bankrupt, you can start a new company the next day. In Austria and Germany, a bankruptcy threatens to ban trade for a long time.

Can a Cyprus company open a branch office in my home country (e. g. Austria or Germany)?

If you wish, you can open a branch office. But most of the time you save a lot of money if you only work with the Cyprus company.

What does the company foundation include?

Our services include everything that is necessary for a fully operational company.

What happens after the company is founded?

We are also happy to support you after the company has been founded. If you need support in the consulting area or would like to make use of our network, we will be happy to arrange the appropriate contacts (lawyers, tax consultants, notaries,…) for you.
We also offer office services and other premium services.

What kind of business can you do with a Cyprus company?

With your Cyprus company you can do almost all kinds of business with your Cyprus company that you want and as much as you like. For all activities that are considered legal in Cyprus (and in other countries) you do not need any further permits (except for insurance and banking).
They do not even have to meet the qualifications that are often required in Austria or Germany, nor do they have a master craftsman’s certificate.

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